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Spicy curries, crispy Peking duck or aromatic noodle soup: Asian food is popular. In addition to Chinese restaurants, there are now many other opportunities in larger cities to try the various country cuisines of Asia. Come with us on a culinary journey of discovery through Asia!

Cooking with the wok
Pot meets pan : In many Asian countries, cooking is traditionally done with the wok. The large pan with the sloping, high walls is ideal for cooking crispy vegetables and juicy meat. What many do not know: In the wok, you can not only roast dishes with the classic stir-fry, you can also use it for steaming or deep-frying.

Asian food: from spring rolls to bibimbap
Asian food is as varied as the spices used in cooking. Japanese cuisine, for example, is rather puristic in terms of seasoning and relies on the taste of the dishes, while Thai cuisine is rather spicy and is cooked a lot with lemongrass, coriander and coconut milk. Chinese cuisine is the closest thing most of us associate with Asian food: fried rice or noodles, various wok dishes and, of course, sweet and sour pork.

Country cuisine China
Spring rolls, crispy Peking duck or dim sum: Chinese cuisine has a few specialties to offer. It is very diverse because the different regional kitchens cook very differently. While a lot of fish ends up in the wok near the coast, the Lu region is known for its pasta. Spicy food comes from the Chuan region.

Country Cuisine Japan
Sushi, sushi, sushi: With Japanese cuisine you automatically associate the small rice rolls. And it is true, they are without a doubt the best known import. A little tip: You can easily make sushi yourself at home. Try it out, we will tell you the best recipes: make sushi yourself

In fact, Japanese only eat sushi on special occasions. Everyday life is dominated by rice dishes, fish and soups, e.g. B. the ramen soup , which is also popular in Germany , dominates.

Country cuisine Thailand
Spicy curries with coconut milk are an integral part of Thai cuisine . The most famous recipes include Massaman curry and green Thai curry. In addition to coconut milk, there are some other differences, for example to Chinese cuisine. In Thailand, spices are primarily seasoned. The aromatic lemongrass is also a typical ingredient. Vegetarians are happy with Pad Thai.

Country cuisine Korea
Lots of fresh ingredients, fiery spiciness and some dishes that you are guaranteed not to have tried yet: Korean cuisine has been kicking off for some time. More and more restaurants open up and offer a real alternative to the classic Asian restaurant. Our tips: Bibimbap, Bulgogi and of course Kimchi.

Country cuisine Mongolia
In Mongolia, every fourth person lives as a nomad – you can clearly see that in traditional Mongolian cuisine! Meat and dairy products are the main ingredients. Many specialties such as the national dish Bodoog are very unusual for European standards. One more reason to discover this Asian cuisine!

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